Say hello to Happy Hands, moisturising hand lotion with anti-bac, and hand gel that’s made with love and happiness
(as well as almond oil and tea tree).

Happy Hands Antibacterial Hand Lotion

Luxury Moisturising Cream with Almond Oil & Vitamin E
Large 500ml Pump Dispenser


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    Happy Hands Antibacterial Hand Gel

    Luxury Hand Sanitiser with Hydrating Tea Tree
    Large 500ml Pump Dispenser


    More stock coming soon

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      Natural Ingredients

      Almond Oil to make you smile

      We’ve chosen Almond Oil for our hand lotion because when it comes to skincare, it’s really, really good. Popular for centuries in South East Asia and the Mediterranean region, the fatty acids found in almond oil allow the skin to retain moisture and keep it hydrated.

      Almond oil is naturally rich in vitamin E too, which soothes irritation and makes it so good for our skin so, so good for our Happy Hands.

      Tea Tree to make you extra happy

      Made from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, Tea Tree has a reputation as nature’s do-it-all secret weapon.

      It has been used for hundreds of years to treat cuts and wounds and to prevent infection; however, with its antibacterial and antiviral capabilities, tea tree oil also makes a great natural hand sanitiser. And, it helps hydrate, which is why we turned to this most essential of essential oils when we were creating Happy Hands.

      The Happy Hands story

      With all the extra sanitising we’re doing these days we noticed our hands weren’t looking their best. We also noticed our friends were saying they didn’t like using sanitiser because it left their hands feeling dry. ‘Aha’, we said ‘you know what we need? A hand sanitiser that not only disinfects your hands but one that’s good for your skin too.’ And so Happy Hands was born. A quality product that is hygienic and safe whilst also being super-hydrating, moisturising and leaves your hands feeling, well, happy.

      With a name like Happy Hands, our packaging was never going to be clinical and plain. We loved the bright colours of the rainbows of support for our wonderful NHS. They are such a positive image of joy and community that we decided to carry that through to our boxes and labels. 

      We made Happy Hands to stay safe, to be joyful, to bring a smile, and to bring some added colour to our homes, as well as our handbags.

      We can’t wait for you to try it!

      Happy Hands - Signature

      Spread the Happiness

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      Hands up if want to help your community

      The cost of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus has put additional pressure on community groups and charities. So, we pledge to put 10% of our profits aside so we can provide free products to good causes, all you have to do is ask…

      If you would like to apply to be sent a free Happy Hands sanitiser, please send us your details:


        Happy Hands stickers

        On the one hand, they’re brilliant, on the other hand, they’re brilliant.
        And they come free with every bottle of Happy Hands.


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